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Sep. 12th, 2014

The Best Beard Styles for Your Face Type

Styling a beard style seems to be most popular these days. Just like the different styles of men’s jeans to suit your body types, your beard style is one of the important part in your facial shapes since there are so many beard styles you can choose. For many times, to adjust your facial shape, you can highlight features on your face. With the help of these best beard trimmers, hiding facial flaws could be easy. On the other hand, these beard styles have the ability to make your face shapes look great. However, if you have no idea what shape is best for you, then how to decide which beard trimmer is best for you. To save your money and time, you should know the difference between these common beard styles.

Short beard

This beard style is so popular from boho artists to investment bankers. It comes with two parts, one part is groomed and the other part is gruff. Of course, it works very well for guys who have a full beard. The biggest benefit of this style is saving your time, you can trim your beard on the car in the busy morning. Tips of create a short beard.
short beard

Five o’clock shadow

Another most common beard style around the world. To want to get this beard style? Just don't shave your beard and roll out of your beard within two days. That’s the result. You can easily change the beard style just translate it into a well-groomed short beard style.
Five o"clock shadow

Circle beard

This beard style is the best option if you guys with oval facial shape. You can call this beard style with the singular goatee, or circle beard. It’s a combination with a goatee and a soul patch. All of the components are combined with your holy hair.
Circle beard


One style that works well for men with kinds of facial shape. Goatees can work with men when it comes time to carve in the shape, which can be done after a week of no shave. A goatee is a tuft beard on your chin. "I always advise men to grow in more than just the goatee area to start with," says Paco O'Keefe from The Modern Man Barber Shop.


Trimming a beard is easier than it seems. The Balbo is one of the varieties of goatee. The name of this beard style comes from the Fascist Italian leader Italo Balbo, who led to this beard style as early as the 1920s.

Oct. 27th, 2013

How To Buy Beard Trimmer

I think that one of the best reasons to trim beard is to make your appearance get more attention from girls. Beard are relatively easy to trim, so there're very little holding you back from cleaning up your stubble and making it easier to maintain.


As compared with traditional beard kits, modern beard trimmer come with many characters. They possess already been about for a long time, and gained particularly popular after World War II. Our beard trimmers have gone a long way from simpler structure and single function to today's multifunction. They could be best option when you already have a full beard or is going to create a mustache.

There is a range of price in today's beard market. For example, some beard come with a low-priced under $10 and there are also various of luxurious beard trimmer that would be priced over $100, but they are really excellent one that work very cool for different requirement.

Whatever you're searching, all things relay on your needs. Of course, you would be overwhelmed by tons of information and lots of products. Picking up the right one that meets your need is not as easy as you might think. Here, we have selected a roundup of tips that would help you.

You could have to start by taking a glance at whether or not the clipper provides a cable. Cord-less ones are actually recommended because of the fact that they will be easy to utilize, straightforward load, and also you don't need to work with the issue of a very long cable involved in your means when you are trimming. Modern beard trimmers are designed with cordless.

The problem of cordless beard trimmer is that you should find that the battery constantly and close to the end of the life of the battery, you will not get as continuous energy because you would most likely using a cord connected product that gets power away from the wall plug.

A cordless hair kit generally has much more power more than an extended period of time and you do not have to worry about whether you have reenergized your clipper before having a trimming.

After that, you'll probably wish to understand what types of sizes you may absolutely be capable of decrease. Nothing could possibly be worse than purchasing a beard trimmer in order to find that it has purely 4 to 5 trim lengths and not one of them are your dimensions.

Sep. 24th, 2013

Shaving Sensitive Skin for Women

As you attempt to get a shave clean, you should consider shaving against the grain. However, with this approach, there is the risk of slicing your face up or causing a razor burn hence extreme caution should be exercised. Also note that shaving too close to the grain will increase the likelihood of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


It is worth noting that when you apply excess pressure using the razor, you will increase the chances of getting a razor burn. Usually, the razor weight is sufficient for cutting your beard. In order to prevent yourself from applying excess pressure, ensure that you utilize shorter strokes. Ensure that the razor is sharp enough so as to prevent any tears. usually, a dull blade will create a lot of tears and drag while shaving. Among the advantages of utilizing the safety razor is that you can be able to change blades often.

It is imperative for you to ensure that you clean your blade thoroughly. Usually, the bacteria that is found on razor blades is one of the main causes of razor rash. These bastards can be killed by wiping the razor blade with alcohol right before you begin shaving. There are also some companies that sell blade antiseptics that you can use. However, alcohol is sufficient. Keep in mind that the blade should be cleaned right after every stroke. This is because each time that you pass it on your face, the blade collects whiskers as well as shaving cream. So, make sure that you rinse your blade right after every pass.

Once you are done, you can rinse your face using cold water. The beauty about using cold water is that is aids in closing your pores and reducing the probability of having ingrown hairs forming. Next, apply a moisturizer. For some, after shaves are refreshing while they can cause irritation among others. After this, you can apply a razor rash cream such as Tend Skin and Bump Stopper. These products prevent the formation of ingrown hairs

Once you are through with shaving, dry the blade using a towel. This will prevent the blade from getting dull quickly. Ensure that it is kept clean and sharp for the next shave. Also, you can utilize a holder in order to hang your badger hair brush, which will give it some air.